Toughannock, Sheldrake, & Treman

When we arrived at Treman to camp, they were dredging the swimming area. So we headed to Toughannock and swam in the lake.

We stopped for a few sips at Sheldrake Point winery. I think this may now be my new favorite winery - good wine and such a beautiful place. I look forward to hosting more visitors so I have another excuse to go!

On Saurday, swimming was open at Treman again. Swimming at the base of waterfall is the best.

We celebrated these two two's with an ice-cream cake from Purity Ice Cream.

Swedish fire-torch! Amazing!

How's that for the perfect Ithaca staycation?


Hilda said...

So much fun and how great that the cousins got to celebrate together. Love the picture of Sigrid in the lilies--send it to me1

Abigail said...

Akk! Those girls in bathing suits! It kills me. They are so darling.

Glad you had a wonderful time with family and cousins! For staycations, Ithaca has got to be one of the best areas ever. Lovely, all.