Michigan wedding of George & Anne

George and Anne's wedding in Michigan, near Ann Arbor.

It was beautiful, and love was bursting out every seam.

We spent lots of time in hotels this week. We got pretty good at it.

Phil's moving Best Man speech. Please note Sigrid being thoroughly "moved" in the background.

These two love being around each other.

And these two, too!

Such a special day.
All our love & blessings to you, George and Anne.


Abigail said...

I always read your posts and then think I'll come back later and leave comments. Then I never do. It's like stealing ice cream cones and never paying!

We love your blog.
The girls are growing so tall and bright and lovely! Two sweet birds.

The wedding is lovely, too. Congratulations to the whole family! I love to see your mom's and Sisi's smiles with each other. AND those last pictures of you and your tribe? Beautiful, all of you.

Hilda said...

It was a beautiful wedding and fun weekend. So glad I was able to be there and so happy for George and Anne. It's fun being part of extended King family!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of a lovely weekend together. Emiley