Binghamton's Ross Park Zoo

Turns out that this zoo is the fifth oldest in the country, established in 1875. 

The kids loved their first zoo experience, and this little bite-sized zoo was perfect. 

Flora loved the goats.
I post this very blurry photo because it was the best shot I got of her smooching the billy goat's cheek.

Sigrid posing with bald eagles - one of her favorite birds.

A favorite moment from the visit:
On our way to the penguin enclosure, we passed some other moms who told us, "There's nothing down there. The penguins are off-exhibit."

Oh well. We ventured down anyway, just to look around. The kids climbed up to look in the habitat, and Sigrid exclaimed, "LOOK! A penguin!"

Was it a rogue? No! It was the whole flock, just feet away, at the base of the rocks.

The lesson? Multiple:
1) It's all about perspective.
2) Don't make assumptions.
3) It's always worth double-checking if the penguins are really there.


Hilda said...

Great pictures and looks like so much fun. Glad you got to see the penguins! I remember when we went to the museum there and saw that there was a zoo. Glad you got to visit it.

Abigail said...

This is the only zoo that my children and I have ever been to. I'm afraid of the day that we experience something larger, because then the turkey vulture exhibit won't be nearly so impressive. Turkey vultures?! We see those all the time! Take us to see some GIRAFFES and ELEPHANTS and BELUGAS, Mama! Ah, it's much better that they just don't know how small this zoo is...

I love those pictures of your sweeties feeding the goats. Such concentration!