Easter weekend


sarah said...

Those Flora-faces are just hilarious. Your girls are a treat! The picture of the two of them in their matching Easter dresses reminds me of my sister and me.

Hilda said...

I love these pictures. I look at them again and again. Such cuties!

Abigail said...

I came back here to say that every time I see your girls in matching dresses, I'm hit with that bittersweet nostalgia time brings. Mildred and Annika were just that small and comradely once, with matching dresses and the whole world wide open for them. (They're still comradely with the whole world wide open, and they do have ONE set of matching dresses still, but somehow it's not the same. Nor should it be!)

All that to say, your girls are sweetness itself, and I love to see these pictures of them together.

(And you get the best family pictures together! I'm telling John that we're pathetic.)