photo shoot

During the family-filled Thanksgiving weekend in PA, we also did a cousins-only photo shoot.
Well... *sigh*
Last time we tried a pro photo shoot was in Chicago, and let me tell you, Sigrid was NOT playing along. This time? Sigrid had a dress she loved, so was the happiest goofball present. So, now it was Flora's turn to be miserable. She was tired, cranky, and inconsolable. Thankfully we got ONE of all 5 cousins before she fell apart completely.

So, for your enjoyment, our photos:

Smiling or not, I love the people in these photos.

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Hilda said...

Such cute, adorable pictures. I love Flora's as well as Sigrid's. It's Flora's serious look--seems typical for her in pictures. And Sigrid is posing--model material there! Such cuties!! Love them!!!!! Mimi