autumn glory

Autumn - a time for holding on....
Nostalgia, gripping mugs of warm tea, stockpiling summer's flavors in canned or frozen forms, stacking firewood higher and higher.
And yet, a time for letting go....
Cleaning the house to prepare for days of cabin-fever, leaves falling & being swept away, moments to treasure but never to last, final days of warmth and sunshine getting shorter and shorter.

And the light and the colors are enough to make me weep and sing. I am distracted.

Here, a girl rocking her swaddled baby Hello Kitty.

A dragon, now on request, flashing her "BIGGEST SMILE."
It cracks me up, because it is so forced. She is the master of facial expression.

A classic Flora expression.
Here I am slain, because I have such strong memories of Sigrid in that hat, and in this dress.
*sigh!* Hold on!
*sigh!!!* Let go!

Two bookworms, two fake smiles.

Then this:


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Hilda said...

Oh they grow so quickly and time passes and passes and you wonder "where did it go?" That should be my little girl standing there. Where did the time go? Yes, you want to hang on. This is such a precious time. They are so adorable--I love the pensive look on Flora's face as she is standing looking in the distance. And Sigrid is such a cute, sweet mommy to Hello Kitty! Such dolls. Miss being there with them. Kisses to all. Mimi