the past few

My heart is just too full for words. These past couple weeks reminded me of just how blessed I am.
We celebrated Flora turning one.

My heart cannot hold so much joy:
My baby.

And, my bigger baby holding a baby:
Sigrid held Cadence, and covered her in smooches.

Family portrait of mostly goofy faces.

Then, Nana & Pa came for a whirlwind visit. We were so happy to have them - I wanted to freeze time.

And this beautiful Mimi spent two whole weeks here, that went by in a flash.
And that one she holds? In those two weeks started giving kisses & blowing kisses, and walking lots more.

And then I turned 37. Definitely the best yet. How could it not be? I am so blessed - my two girls, and this man that I love so much.

Oh, and my favorite trucker showed up as a surprise, with buckeyes, fudge, and peanut-butter cookies. How did he get here? Well, he must have teleported himself, because that's the only explanation.

We also went strawberry picking, and spent a luxurious day of fun at Myers Point Park (swimming, play-grounding, picnicking, canoeing, etc.).
Such riches.
I'd not trade the world for anything else.

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