10 months, leeks, bonnets, and the sultan's closet

Flora is 10 months old today.

We soaked in some longed-for spring sunshine.

A shadow of me standing on "Sigrid's big rock," wearing Flora in the Ergo, watching Sigrid collect rocks, moss, and listen to echoes in the culvert pipe.

Then we wandered our usual path to Hawthorn Village camp. Along the way we found TWO patches of LEEKS! I was so excited.

She harvested leeks and caught my enthusiasm.

See that behind Flora? It's our infamous Troll House.

Back home, I was preparing to pull a thorn from Sigrid's foot (the worst part about Hawthorn Village Camp), when we were surprised to find a box from Mimi.

It seems that Mimi shops at the Goodwill where the sultan donates his princesses' clothes.

Sigrid tests out new dresses by first twirling,
then running, and then...


Look at that air!
This is truly a magical garment.
(Perhaps the sultan knew a genie?)

Oh, the ropes of pearls!

There was no thorn in her foot. She was just worried.
Still, thanks for the distraction, Mimi!


Hilda said...

A beautiful, precious princess! Glad the sultan gets rid of clothes! It's so fun to see her enjoying them! Love those girls! Mimi

Abigail said...

Our girls' only lament about our Sunday was that we couldn't stay and talk to you and YOUR girls because the baby wanted to come! At least they got a new sister out of the deal, though. ;)

I love these exotic iterations of Sisi...and that pair of bonnets? Oh, my word. Nothing better.

We have huge carpets of sustainable leeks in the Big Woods by my mom's. They grow so thickly that when they seed, there's not enough space for a new plant to grow. If you ever want to collect a bit of seed from one of the spots where they're choking each other out, you're more than welcome to start cultivating a patch in your woods.

Of course they're not Burdick's wild leeks, and I checked the NYS protected plants site just to make sure that the harvesting/transfer of the more common leeks is not prohibited. If you know otherwise, let me know so that I'm not a lawbreaker. :)

heidiann(e) said...

They DID?!?! We're itching for details & introductions!!!

When can I come smoosh her & bring some grub?
Hip hip hooray for baby 8!!!!

Griffen said...

Oh those girls (Sigrid and Flora) and oh YOU girls (Abby and Heidi). Love you all and that I can continue to find you in these places. -Sandy