Easter springing

THIS is the face I was trying to capture. You'll have to imagine it accompanied with a crazy sniffing sound.

Look! Two teeth!

Some favorite jammies from big sis Sigrid, passed to us from Elizah H.

Pretty pretty treasure-pouch from Auntie Taz, which I added the button/ribbon strap.

Bird-house kit from Auntie Em.

New tricks!

My favorite people:

 Perma-scowl due to sunshine


Hilda said...

Adorable pictures. Love them in their birdie dresses! Mimi

Anonymous said...

Yay for new teeth!! Sigrid did a great job on her birdhouse!!
Auntie Em

Abigail said...

Every time you post pictures of Flora making these gremlin-y faces, I burst into laughter. They're just as effective as Sisi's old Popeye faces! Love seeing these girls. They are so sweet together.