... can sometimes be more fun when supplemented by sparkley capes and/or princess dresses.
(Thank you, Mimi.)

(cool moves)

This beast? They charge if she wanted to play, so I convinced her to ride in the Ergo & she eventually fell asleep. Three dollars saved!
(Note tiny paw in lower right corner clutching my sweater.)

This face is the expression of story-telling. I forget what she was saying.



Hilda said...

Sigrid's a natural! Love the picture with her two feet off the ground. She's had a lot of practice with the rope her Papa hung for her! Love her costume!!

Abigail said...

My big girls are very jealous of little Sisi-Squirrel. That place looks like it's straight out of a dream. (That cape, too. Golly!) You made the right choice in not paying for your monkey. She looks far too content next to you to enjoy any sort of climbing wall.