a little Martha

After reading and re-reading stories from Sisi's storybook Bible, we've adopted the phrase "I'm just being a little Martha," anytime we find ourselves bustling about doing household chores.

Maybe we're missing the point of that story, but it is delightful to have Sigrid declare herself "a little Martha" while she cooks and sweeps.

She did all the stitching on the dog herself. (I was impressed.)

Dish-towel apron, making cookies.

Pretending to be Ginger from "Lilly's Big Day" by Kevin Henkes.
Note: headbands in hand are a bouquet of flowers.
Maybe a little bit Martha Stewart?

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Abigail said...

Ha! I love that phrase, and your busy, little bee. I mutter that to myself sometimes, only it's more like an admonition..."STOP being such a Martha and enjoy your people!" When you can be Marthas together like this, though, getting chores done AND enjoying your people? The best.