keeping busy

The activities below were inspired from various sources.

Using tongs to pick up stones,

...then depositing them in ice-cube trays.

I write a word or name on the porch, and she uses the water spray-bottle to erase it.

Making designs by punching holes in cardboard with a nail or tack:

And my favorite:
First, we froze various small toys and buttons in a container of water.

Then she used the spray bottle (full of warm water) to melt and free them.

Here she said to the toy cat, "Come, Toby, come!"
With each button freed, she would bring it to Harold, her toy helicopter, to show it to him.

The first layer was very fun, but then it lost her interest. I think next time I won't make such a big block of ice.

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Abigail said...

You are such a good mama. Those girls have a lifetime of curiosity ahead of them!