5 week Flora, 5 weeks as four

We are settling into new rhythms and routines.  Some work better than others.

Going from no kids to one kid is HUGE. You become parents. I think I expected adding a second child was akin to adding a second cat - not that big of a deal since systems were already in place.
I was wrong.
Adding child number two is also HUGE.

We've been loved and supported by meal-gifts, and friends who go above and beyond.
I am so grateful.

Holly Z is one of those folks - food, treasures, stories, good company, a sense of humor, a sense of grace, and so much help.
(AND she was wearing nail-polish that CHANGES COLOR with temperature!!! Mind blown. She's the coolest.)

5 weeker, snoozing and adding more plump:

Big sister, somehow adding inches by the second:

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Hilda said...

Love those little girls! Mimi