still the only one

40 weeks, 6 days today.
These final days of pregnancy are a total emotional roller-coaster.

We're all really ready to meet this baby. And in so many small moments, I remind myself that these are Sigrid's last days as an only child.

AND we can't wait to find out who this next little person is that is already such a big part of our little family.

Sisi crafting her "button train."

Stickers & fancy bows = Mimi is here again!


Anonymous said...

We are anxiously awaiting the baby's arrival. Praying the baby will be born soon and a safe/healthy arrival. Love, Auntie Em and family

Ooble said...

Ahhh! Those days "overdue" are the best/worst! :) I have been thinking of you so much the last two weeks, praying that you are able to approach these last days with grace, peace, and joy. And when she comes (which must be soon, right?!), there will be SUCH joy. Praying that her entrance is smooth. God be with you all!

heidiann(e) said...

Thanks, Em & Obble,

As long as I'm not interacting with a panic-inducing medical professional, I am feeling great! They get really worked up around here about going post-date.

But baby is doing great. And I can still sit on the floor & get up by myself. Last night I bush-wacked to the creek with Sigrid & Mimi, and felt so delighted with the whole world. I can't wait to have this new little bundle in my arms on our adventures.