our baby

We are settling in, soaking up the newness....
Savoring these blessings....

Here, Phil is doing some reading on classical education. I love that that is what he brought to the hospital.
Papa now to two girls...

Sigrid calls her "my baby."
When she fusses, she will tell me, "I want you to nurse my baby now."

Hearing some quiet space, I found Phil setting up this scene:

It's good to be home with our little one.


Oobly said...

Love all of these! Phil with Flora, Sigrid with Flora, beautiful you with Flora...Flora with flowers. Perfection.

I've been thinking of and praying for you all week. Having two babies (one big/one brand new) was the period in which I had some of my most difficult mothering moments. I know others who breezed through it, and people experience things so differently, but, still, whenever a friend has a second baby, I pray that God bolsters her sure and strong for the task (and gives open eyes for the heaps and heaps of joy alongside!).

I'll talk to John this weekend about a good day for us to stop in with food and ogling eyes for those girls of yours. I want to squeeze them both!

heidiann(e) said...

Thank you so for your thoughts & prayers. There are moments of both, for sure!

We welcome visits & squeezes & food from you whenever it works! My mom is still here this whole next week, too, which has been a HUGE help.

Love to you all!