I've been seeing a Webster chiropractor, doing exercises & positioning, and using Moxa to try to get baby to put her head down. I like to think that it helped....

But really, it's all still in His hands, and prayers go the furthest.

Today we went to see the OB in Elmira - I am 35 weeks, 5 days. He gave that baby a little wiggle and nudge, and she turned! He checked with the ultrasound to confirm, and her head is down now.
Now, hopefully and prayerfully, she will stay that way! But I am so thankful she turned with so little effort.


Melissa King said...

Yay!!! I was telling Emiley the other week that i layed inverted on an ironing board for a couple days trying to turn a baby. Then a midwife tried to manually turn the baby one time. (it was horrible)...i don't know that any of those things helped my baby turn, but she always ended up, head down. Tickled she is head down now. :)))

Abigail said...

Hurrah! So happy! Even with the heart-knowledge of the One who's tenderly keeping you both, I'm sure it's a big relief. :)

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