Happy Squirrel Day

Phil's birthday was aptly full of spontaneous, adventurous fun - and dessert.

She is talking here - I don't remember about what.

Waiting for our table at the Carriage House

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

(This reminds me of too many late, late nights spent at similar diners, with their parents, during our college days. Is this foreshadowing, or merely deja vu?)

Fried ice-cream!
(I am ashamed to admit he had to make it for himself. But I am proud to say he did a great job.)

Happy birthday to my love. You are the best.


Abigail said...

Ha! Love seeing those big people and little people, both.

Who cares who made the baked Alaska? SO impressive and, more important, delicious-looking!

heidiann(e) said...


SO funny you called it baked Alaska - it's actually fried ice-cream -
BUT baked Alaska was what he wanted last year - and I tried to make it!

Just so you know, melted ice cream in a pillow of meringue is delicious, But does not qualify as true baked alaska. I'll try again sometime, but this was not the year!

Abigail said...

HA! Thanks to conversations about Phil's love of baked Alaska in the past, I now interpret any exotic ice cream dessert as "Baked Alaska." I've never made either and am STILL so impressed. I would be intimidated to try making either one (you know, baked Alaska or the OTHER baked Alaska).