29 weeks, and 2 1/2 years

The house was a bit messy, and the lighting was bad. And Sigrid wanted to do something other than watch me fiddle with the camera's self-timer. But time is flying (flying!) and I must document this growing, wiggly bump.

Here is 29 weeks.

And here is my sunshine, at two and a half!

This week has been something. I pulled/torqued/hurt something when I was snow-shoeing with my Primitive Pursuits wilderness instructor course last week. I was really good at ignoring it for the first five days, even though I couldn't walk normally by the end of the day, and standing on one foot was nearly impossible.

As days passed I realized the pain was staying, and this had to be addressed. So, I've been taking time off work (teaching my programs and doing childcare) to try to heal, and to see folks who might be able to help. The pain of missing out on outdoor fun is more painful to me than the injury itself.

Being pregnant is full of surprises, and always a game-changer. It's a good reminder that I am not in control. At all. Yikes.

And, tomorrow I am going with my midwife and another friend to meet with a potential OB in Elmira. I am excited and nervous. I hope to ask him to support me in attempting a natural VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean).

This is really weighty for us because Sigrid's c-section resulted in a "special scar." If anyone wants to understand more of what this means, I'd be so thankful if you read this short article. My internal scar is T-shaped, due to an extension from the initial incision.

So, prayers - for healing, for wisdom, for strength, for courage.
And good reminders that it's not in my hands anyway.


Abigail said...

You are beautiful! I love these baby-belly shots.

Boo to the injury. Ugh. That's not a welcome addition to the normal aches of pregnancy, and I trust it's healing by this point.

Hope the visit went well! My aunt had four babies via classical c-section (vertical), before the low transverse incision was introduced, and then went on to have four babies vaginally. I tell you this not to imply that one method of welcoming your baby is superior but to encourage you if a VBAC ends up being the route you choose to pursue.

I pray that God brings your wee one safely into this world, sheltering you both with protection and peace, whatever form her entrance may take! The One who shapes her as I type is faithful.

Melissa King said...

Praying for peace for you and Phil!! And ultimately a safe delivery for both you and babe. Thinking of you!

And loved reading the article. You know I love all this stuff. :)