Sigrid gets really (REALLY) amped up here. And today we shared the excitement with dear friends.
Somehow we got there & back home before the snow-storm.
Hooray for letting out some pent-up cabin fever!

The first exhibit was on trees - creatures that live in trees, things made from trees, etc.
Here the circles on the floor made animal sounds.

Here she could look at 3-D images of small tree-critters.

She went from one to the other, exclaiming, "Oh my goodness! So beautiful! This is my favorite!"

triceratops giggles

Science class for toddlers - play-doh!

Avi's crooked-smile, discovering "floating" magnets.

3-minute attention spans: ready, set, go! They started running back & forth.

See that crooked poster on the right? Yes, that is their fault.
Seriously, though, who hangs posters on the wall at toddler-bounce-off-level?

THEN they found the triangle of mirrors:

Avi called to us, "Look! So many Avi's and so many Sisi's!"

They waved at their twins.

At one point, I suggested that Avi count them.
He did.
Then he counted again, and got very worried because "one is missing."
I suggested he try again, and be sure to count himself.
"Ah, that's right. Eight Avi's."
All better.

Hooray for science.

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Abigail said...

LOVE seeing Avi and Sisi enjoy one another...and SCIENCE! :) It's neat to see the pieces of their genetic heritage, too, 'cause I see little flashes of their parents in those faces.