Kitchner & Hamilton

...and our friends!!!

We were spoiled rotten. Good food, laughter & sweet conversation. It was SUCH a nice visit.

We will be back!

 Alex made Sigrid a beautiful sketch-book cover, with slots for crayons, pencils, a market, eraser, and sharpener.
Mona made Sigrid an APPLE SWAN for her morning snack!
(How will she return to normal life after this?!?)

Looking out over the frozen bay in Hamilton.

She hugged each color, saying "I love red! I love you yellow!..."

Walking on the bay!


Anonymous said...

That Apple is amazing! Looks like you had a great time. Auntie Em

Melissa King said...

SERIOUSLY...an apple SWAN. Go Mona!!! :))

Abigail said...

D'oh. I KNEW I forgot something when you visited. (Apple Swan...bangs head...Apple Swan!)

That is fabulous.