things that go bump

Thanksgiving was chock-full of wonderfulness. All the Kings were here, and the cabin was bursting at the seams with food & laughter. Even the yurt was occupied by Uncle George from the great white North. Cousins ran wild, and the porches were laden with food that the fridge was too small to hold.

Time with family is wonderful, and always bittersweet tinged with the longing for every last member to be there - my clan was spread across the States, and I felt their absence & love from afar.

Gemma was actually here ALL week. I don't think I've ever heard so much giggling! Our days were filled with dress-up games, jumping on trampolines at the open gym, racing around the Sciencenter, and playing in the snow. They moved too fast for pictures (actually, I just kept forgetting my camera), so you'll have to accept this one & let your imagination fill in the rest:

With all this fullness, our cup still runs over. I'm happy to announce Sigrid's only child status will soon expire - carrying our hope and blessing with prayer, she's going to be a big sister sometime around June.

Yup, baby on the way.

How about that?


Hilda said...

I, for one, am very excited about that! My arms and heart are both big enough for more. Love you, MIMI

Melissa King said...

Me too. Me too!! THRILLED beyond measure for you all!! Congratulations!!

Love that you had a weeklong sleepover with cousin Gemma. That totally ROCKS!!

and love that Thanksgiving was filled with so much awesomeness!!

See you soon? :)) You must be feeling pretty good, to host a weeklong sleepover AND Thanksgiving. ;)