the great hunt

...at Hunt's Tree Farm, just on the other side of the hill.

Although she chose fully appropriate costuming for the occasion, her heart wasn't really in it.

Much to my surprise, my usual Scrooge (Phil, that is) was REALLY into finding the right tree.
I fell in love with the first I found, but he pressed us on to find the right one for our little home.
See the joy of a successful hunt?

Super-human, this one.

Decorating this year was SO fun. Sigrid was totally into it, and we had some sweet friends stop over, so the kiddos all helped put ornaments on the tree. Sigrid is in love with Joseph from our little nativity (it's a Hallmark set from when I was nine), and she is also enjoying the Christmas tree candle collection we inherited this year from my Grandma after her move back to Chicago.

I told her the candles are to celebrate Jesus' birthday. But she prefers to bring them to the table with the tiny Joseph and sings boisterously "Happy birthday, dear Joseph." She then pretends to blow out the candle and has him eat it, top to bottom.

Each day she opens another door on her advent calendar. She asks, "Baby Jesus coming to my house?" and I find myself struggling with how to explain basic theology to a very literal two-year old. "He's in Heaven. But also lives in your heart when you love him."
"My heart?" and she pats her little chest. "Right here."

This might be confusing to the little girl who loves playing with stethoscopes. Let's hope we have a bit of time to get those parts sorted out.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love to you all!

Abigail said...

Who is that crazy muscle man you brought along?!