Before Christmas, the days were full of good things:

Large, mysterious boxes arrived nearly every day.

Breakfast turned into "clementine-time."

Cards arrived in the mail each day

The nativity was set out, and the story was told, over & over.
(This set was mine from when I was about 9 years old.)
(Joseph was Sisi's favorite, and also became the star of many of her imaginative dramas.)

I set out my Grandma's Christmas-tree candle collection.

Oh, I guess we ate toast sometimes, too.
And this one grew & grew.

Confusing tilty-picture - sorry. This is the banister hung with our stockings.

The tree!

Advent, long expecting.

Children sliding on ice in our poorly-drained driveway.

More happy children in snow.
More please! (Snow and/or children - I'll take both.)

Thomas's Island of Sodor also welcomes the Holy Family, and Break-Up Bear.

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Abigail said...

Such a pretty space you've made!

(And seeing Break-up Bear made me happy. I'll show it to the bearded fellow, too.)