Christmas Eve - day

We celebrated the most on Christmas Eve, since Phil had to work on Christmas.

This was my first year stuffing stockings - and OH, it was SO fun.
I know now - a child's Christmas glee is truly only exceeded by parental Christmas joy.
I had no idea it could be SO much Fun.

She loves her Hello Kitty baby.
And that hat.

I made her a tiny purse by adding straps & decorative buttons to a little zippered pouch.
She loves it, and has been wearing it around, pretending to be Angelina the mouse, from "Angelina's Birthday Surprise."

Hello Kitty Lego tree-house was as much fun for Phil. He lectured us both on the finer points of Lego construction. (Inventory, first, always.)

Matching RED jammies for Sisi and VanillaPea! She wore them all day.


Abigail said...

Such a dear, little purse! My sister-in-law Sarah were talking about how awesome it is to celebrate Christmas with children. SHE was so excited on Christmas Eve that she couldn't fall asleep, even though she was in bed before eleven. And then when one of her sons woke up at 4 a.m., she tried to get him to fall asleep and-- her words-- they were both in bed for an hour, wide awake and quivering with excitement, until everyone else woke up. I totally get it. :)

(Word verification is "pyink." My favorite color!)

Abigail said...

{Sarah...AND I...were talking. She is not a plural person.)

heidiann(e) said...

That makes me grin, indeed!

We have to keep this "grow-up at Christmas" thing a secret from the actual children. We don't want them getting there any faster!

I remember my Mom saying, "I like Christmas because I like seeing you enjoying it so much." I thought she was trying to comfort me (for I surely pitied her toy-free existence). NOW I know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love your comment about pitying our adult toy-free existence! But, what you now know, is our precious babes were our playthings, our entertainment, and a huge source of joy. Now in our graying-years, we are blessed by the enjoyment of our darling grands. And, I know your mom will concur: there's nothing like them!!
Love, Auntie Lilla

We've been a little preoccupied here the past few months, but it was fun to catch up on your blog. Your little birdie sure is growing - she's adorable!