costumes & first snow

The days have been moving swiftly, all full of good things.
I am grateful.

I especially like the photo below because it makes our mulch pile look like a mountain, and our cabin look like a gnome cottage.

Phoenix asked me to take their picture, then he posed like this.
As Phil said, my days are filled with "cuteness overload."
Yup. All day.
(Also, note Sigrid's doubly-polka-dot ensemble.)

(She is obsessed with polka dots - hence the shirt and PJ pants.)

The "happy pumpkin" I carved for Sigrid. I think it looks remarkably like her.
(She calls all pumpkins "happy pumpkins" after a story that we read.)

OwlGirl! She looks like a super-hero, ready to vanquish evil, does she not?
(Notice beloved polka-dot red dress beneath, revealing her true identity.)

First snow! When she looked out the window, she said, "SNOW! I want to go out and eat some!"

And she did.

Felt flower & button crown made for a neighbor-friend's 4th birthday.

I tried to snap her modeling it, but she would barely hold still.

First snow also brought this gift - welcome sweet little Eve.
Miriam is clearly already a master big-sister.

All for now.


rlbuckwalter said...

I showed Miriam the last pic and she said, "that's what I wanted to see!" :) What a kid.

heidiann(e) said...

Ha! Perfect.
There was another where she looked more "tame," but I much preferred this one.

Jennifer Bardy said...

Miss that little niecey. So precious!

Abigail said...

Love that wee owl! Wonderful.

And that headband is the perfect thing for your girl.