away to PA

Due to Phil's work schedule over the past year, we haven't really left the Ithaca-area since April. On Sunday we did a quick 3-day sprint to Lancaster.

The Strasburg Railroad - we didn't ride the trains, but we did get to go inside.

Beautiful inlaid wood, gorgeous light-fixtures, huge cast-iron coal stoves, stained glass... just lovely.

To Sigrid, the 50 cent Thomas ride was as good as the real thing.

The Choo-Choo Barn - a huge display of tiny trains - it was AMAZING.

and a short visit with dear friends...


Hilda said...

I love, love, love the picture of Sigrid standing on the outside of the train. I just love that little bird! Mimi

Melissa King said...

A is for AWESOME. :)) We go on a free train ride every summer, or early fall, because we get free tickets with our summer reading program. It never gets old, even at my kids ages...We also have a few free family passes to the choo choo barn, because one of my friend's from high school, owns it. super cool. Sigrid is so big. :( Hope you are well. :))

Abigail said...

Every time you post of picture of you and Tasha with your same-age littles, I grin. It's still the coolest thing that you are able to intertwine your lives like this!