Two, today!

For her birthday, Sigrid asked go to the Sciencenter. And for weeks she has been saying she also wants "two red balloons."

I love this girl to bits, and can hardly refrain from posting every single photo from our morning adventure.

There was a special science class for toddlers - fun experiments for tiny scientists! Perfect!

Cornstarch dissolves in water, makes it cloudy. I wonder what sugar does? Oh, it just tastes good.

Soooo tired, but SOooo happy to have her coveted two red balloons (plus bonus mini polka-dot balloon!).

Love you, little bug.


Abigail said...

Happy, happy two, sweet girl! One of our girls' favorite movies is The Red Balloon. Maybe when Sigrid's older, we can invite you all over for popcorn and a movie...with red balloons, of course.

Abigail said...

OH! Also, I think of you every time my girls pull this wonderful book off the shelf to read, but if you don't own this book already, you should. I should have given it to (you) SIGRID for her birthday!

Abigail said...

sorry. I'll link the old-fashioned way....


heidiann(e) said...

That book looks AMAZING!
I want it.

And I will then require that it becomes Sigrid's favorite book ever.

(That's how it works, right?)