blessed beyond measure

Our wee one turned two, and then we were blessed with a flurry of family from East to Mid-west. Amid the busy, I soaked in the moments as much as I could - it all went by far too fast.

Despite hours of practice, the candles were still SO hard to blow out.

Snoozing papa, and a little girl who misses him while he is at work. Despite his non-responsiveness, she kept bringing him toys. She even covered him with her "special pink blankie."

Ithaca Falls is where we take out-of-towners, when we can.
Then we pose them over & over for pictures.

Cousins are the BEST.

Oh, but so are Uncles (this one from Chicago).

Hunting for rocks & acorns to throw in the water.

Jumping on Mimi's guest-bed, before we re-instated the "no jumping on the air-mattress" rule.

Horsie from Pa.

Her VERY OWN Thomas!!!

Fall is such a nostalgic time. But for now, I savor & savor and leave words for another time.
Also, I hear a little girl upstairs, waking from her nap.

So blessed. So thankful.


Melissa King said...

oh.my. GOODNESS. it has been way too long. Your baby is TWO, and Mahlon is a little MAN. be still my heart. It looks like you love being a mommy. swoon. :) Hope all else is well...

Abigail said...

Hehehe. We have a doting grandparent who gave Millie a giant horse like that, too! Can you guess which (Mom Owen) grandparent? :)

Abigail said...

And that picture of your extended family all in one shot is wonderful. So much love!

Abigail said...

AND that picture of Phil sleeping under the Great Toy Mine Cave-In is priceless.

(I'm done now. Pinkie swear.)

thesaltedbanana said...

Love ALL the photos
Doubly so the first one & the snoozing Phil toy offering
So grateful to read about it all