8 years

Last week we celebrated our 8-year anniversary, with a nice dinner, followed by spontaneous trespassing.

This duck, trespassing on our meal, provided some inspiration.

Phil has been talking for years about the secret tunnel to the top of Ithaca Falls. But for some reason it never worked out for me to go. So, with some time after dinner, while Sisi was playing happily with some of her favorite people in the world, we spontaneously decided to go check it out.

I am so glad I wore jeans and comfortable shoes.
He never mentioned climbing the six-foot high fence.

Abandoned machinery at the top of a hand-picked tunnel. The water from the falls used to be used for hydro-power in years gone by.

Here he stands at the very precipice.
Note: I chose not to make the last climb to get that close.

Back through the tunnel to the adventure of our own lives.
Here's the the fella I'd follow to the top of a waterfall, and beyond.

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Abigail said...

I love that last line.
May our Father continue to bind you close as the years slip onward. Congratulations, you two forest creatures! (I was about to type "lovebirds" when I realized that only YOU are a bird, and that your partner in crime has a bushy tail.)