season's first

On our walk out to the Skull Tree (a tree with a deer skull & antler decorating it), which is just before our Cork Tree (a tree with a small mountain of corks at the base), which is further down the trail from Hawthorn Village Camp (our most magical place, home to Baby Raccoon Tree), we found the first ripe (or almost ripe) wild apples of the season.

Last year at this time, Sigrid could be found outside double-fisting a pair of tart green fruit at any point in the day.  I think her preference for wild-harvested apples has endured.

(By the way, I mention all the favorite forest-spots above mostly to remind myself to make a photo-post/tour of these favorite spots someday soon!)

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Abigail said...

What an autumn elfling she is. The trees sound magical; we'd love to see those pictures.