nature bracelets

I've been teaching the Primitive Pursuits "Growing Wild" preschool camp this summer.
I decided to try one of my favorite activities with the Goodrich Hill girls - nature bracelets! You put masking tape, sticky-side out, around your wrist, and wander around finding leaves, flowers, feathers, etc. and sticking them to your bracelet. Ta-da! Nature bling.

The girls humored me, and especially seemed to enjoy pulling the leaves & flowers OFF the bracelets even more than they liked putting them on. So we went from tape, to nature bracelet, back to tape bracelet again.

Ah well.

Tiny hands, dirty nails


Abigail said...

This is a brilliant idea, and one I intend to steal.

Anonymous said...

I am so interested in your home! Have you done any posts about it? Maybe I just need to dig through the archives!