sun & green

I see it's been a bit since I've posted.
Our days are full. Phil is busy with school, and working part-time on top of things.  Our time all together is precious.  We've had visits from old friends (first Dan, then Nadia - drat too few photos to prove it!), potlucks, and now spending SO much wonderful time outside.

Sigrid & Maria & I have established our own camp in the woods. We call it Hawthorn Village Camp. We usually have a tiny fire, and they perch on the moss covered logs & eat snacks. There are many logs to drive/climb/bounce upon, and a troll house.  And log bridges to balance over muddy paths. It's wonderful.

Lately I've been asking myself, when considering the day, my crazy to-do list & potential frazzle before me, 
"What is the slowest thing I can do today?"

I still slog through the list (or don't), but sometimes I stay home instead of running to town just because I have a car and a list of shopping.  Sometimes I do the same things, but the question in my mind keeps me present to the joy that is in these simple days. 

 Scout in a swing

Dandelion hunter (she still loves to chew them - seems to like bitterness)

Every meal and/or snack served on the porch is many times better

The dream fulfilled!
Phil's first stand-up-paddleboard experience!

Watching Papa, and ducks

He paddled off in a blaze of glory

Bare-foot skinny-legs



Porch breakfast! A great way to start the day

Papa ties the best blankie-toga. (Another great way to start the day.)

Happy day to all.


Abigail said...

I love that blankie-toga and may have to steal the fashion for myself.

Abigail said...

Also, that deliberate decision to choose the slow is something else worth stealing. These days rush by swiftly enough, and consciously choosing Other ensures we don't waste what we've been given during this precious time.

Thank you for the reminder. I always need it.