cabin review

Easter weekend was a wonderful celebration at the King cabin.
We also celebrated Phil turning 30!!!

At the cabin, life is beautiful.  I'm so glad some friends were able to join us.

I made a mock-baked-Alaska. It was yummy, but I didn't quite manage to keep the ice-cream from melting.
There's always next year!

Below, Alex and Stanley start the day with chess, tea, and chocolate fudge.  On the porch.

Dyeing Easter eggs!

Hunting for treasure-filled eggs!

Fancy Easter dress from Auntie Em,
which Sigrid insisted on wearing with her favorite winter hat.

The whole gang! (Minus Spike and Darla, who left early.)

An extra picture of George, since he's usually so far away.

So glad to be a part of this family.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and a great time. Sigrid looks beautiful in the dress.
Love, Emiley

Abigail said...

Every time you post pictures of this big bunch, I am happy for you. What a grand clan to be a part of!