couches in mansions

We went to a sweet baby shower on Saturday, in a gorgeous mansion on Cornell campus.
This mansion (the A.D White house) was full of decadent furniture, and on this day, also lovely people.
We had a great time.

winter sunshine through massive windows on purple chair.

It was also a gender-reveal party, meaning the sweet new parents in this moment found out their new baby is a son. I love how babies transform ordinary people into parents.  As I snapped these, I was blinking away tears. These two are going to flood that baby with so much love.

And, I love love love how Phil & Sigrid are making such similar, goofy expressions here.
The squirrel doesn't fall far from the tree, apparently.

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Abigail said...

I love those top pictures of your sweet girl, and the bottom one of her with her good Papa.

Also, how you felt during this shower is exactly how I felt watching you and Phil at your pre-Sigrid baby shower. :)