tree hunting

At Hunt's Tree Farm on Blackman Hill

Paul is pulling a sled with Phil AND Maria.  But I like that you can only see Phil in the sled, here.

The intrepid hunters!

A spectacular view (Sigrid is in the Ergo carrier sleeping through all the excitement.)
The mighty hunters & their quarry.

We pose beside our slain tree.

I chose a HUGE tree because I wanted to use the bottom branches for wreaths, garland & swags.  So, although we have the smallest house of the three families, we brought home the largest tree.

I also mostly chose this Douglas Fir because of the number of gorgeous fir-cones it bore.  As Nana Sue said, "It's like it's already decorated!"

 Again, the view!

The Kings (My in-laws, that is) also brought home a tree - and it rode atop their car all the way to Lancaster!

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