Pumpkin(g) olympics

We went to Lancaster to meet Mahlon, the sweetest new little baby born of the King family (although he's a Rodak, that's a minor detail).
I have photos to sift through & stories to tell, but this computer is SOooooo slow in uploading at the moment.

We went to the pumpkin Olympics where pumpkins were whirled, launched, smashed, eaten, decorated, and judged.  Lastly, the culmination: truckloads of pumpkins were rolled down a VERY STEEP hill.  The sound was thunderous. The crowd went wild.

Phil kept grinning, saying how he couldn't believe that pumpkins rolling down a hill could draw such a big crowd. (They raised about 2 million dollars for the charity event.)
Maybe only in Lancaster County.

But I'd sure pay to see it again.

(Note: after the event, the cows were released to quite happily devour the pumpkins.  So nothing was wasted.)

First they sent the big ones down alone:

Oh, rats.  My video of the grand truck-load didn't load.  Sorry about that.
Guess you'll have to see it for yourself next year.

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Abigail said...

But I want to see the GRAND TRUCKLOAD!!!! You're just teasing us with the mention.

(I've never heard of such a thing and think it's a display of how strange and wonderful human beings are.)