time with T&G

Back when we first moved to Groton, I started nannying for two 6-month-old cherubs. They quickly grew like weeds into the most adorable, clever, funny, creative monkeys I know.  Now? They are big kids. And just as smart, fun, and kind as ever.

I am so blessed that what started as a wonderful job has morphed into a friendship with a family that I now consider part of my own. And I am thankful that we still see each other several times each season.  It's not enough, but I love every second we can squeeze in.

And, now Sigrid inherits these wonderful kids as her big brother & sister, and Jeff & Shara as her own family too.  Sig & I met up with Trevor & Grace & Shara last weekend at the park.  The big kids were so sweet with her, showing her the ropes at the playground.

It was a day full of fun.

Later that evening we went to a cider-pressing party & potluck at Jed & Barbara's.  There was a huge wooden man they had built, which they then set on fire.  Sigrid wandered around with an apple in each hand, happy as a clam.  Wish I had taken photos from that, too, but no. Memories must suffice.

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