Meet Einstein

Einstein (Ein for short) is a 9 year-old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 
Our dear friend Marney knew I'd been pining for a corgi, and found Einstein on Craig's List. We met her on Sunday, and brought her home.

Well, we're all pretty smitten.  

She is as playful as a puppy, but polite around the cats. She is gentle with Sigrid, but happy to clean up dropped crumbs. She is fine in the car, and spent the day home alone today without incident. She is a little bit scared of the dark.

You know what they say-
Corgis: the long and short of it - eat, drink, and be hairy.

Welcome home, Einie.
You're the perfect pooch for us.


Hilda said...

Welcome to the family, Einie! Can't wait to meet you. Mimi

Abigail said...

Oooh, he's cute. Congratulations on the pooch!