chew, chomp, crunch


Mums.  (We discourage eating mums, but it still happens.)

Bell pepper, consolation when I wouldn't let her eat the spaghetti-squash raw.

The end.


Abigail said...

You're obviously not feeding her enough, poor thing. Just look at her! (She's the healthiest, glowing-est, hungry child I've ever seen.)

Abigail said...

P.s. Those boots? The coolest, most practical baby footwear I've ever seen. (This is the first pair I've ever actually seen, hence the gushing.)

heidiann(e) said...

I love these boots too - totally waterproof (or so they claim - we haven't fully put them to the test, yet). Big enough to layer several pairs of wool socks underneath. I want a pair myself (though doubt I'd pull them off as well as she does).