Seven years ago, when Phil & I got married, bought & moved into the yurt, it was a bumper-crop year for apples.  I remember stopping by the roadside & filling a whole basket with fruit from a wild tree.

This year we are again overwhelmed by apples.  The trees in our woods drip with fruit.  Sigrid equates going outside with holding an apple in each hand & taking nibbles as she goes. The ground is covered in green & gold orbs.

Chipmunk cheeks, caching food for the winter, apparently.

She loves walking the plank-path to Paul & Kathy's.  She's getting quite good at it.

Anyone want to come over & help yourself to apples? Stop on by.

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Abigail said...

Good girl, Sigrid! She knows how to enjoy a bounty properly.

Isn't this apple/pear harvest amazing?! With everything last year being killed by the late snow, this year's heavy trees seem like a double gift!