Sigrid likes carrying her blankie around, but often ends up tripping over it.  I encourage Blankie to stay in bed, but sometimes she escapes.  So to avoid tripping hazards, we've found this is the best way for Blankie transport - slung across the shoulders.
I think she'd do this nearly all day, or at least until Blankie was grey with dustbunnies, if we let her.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sigrid, I would still be carrying my blanket with me if it was possible. You can ask your Papa about that:) I could teach you my blanket tricks. Auntie Em

Melissa King said...

mannnn. she's cute. :) i love blankees.

Hilda said...

It will be fun to tell her some day how attached you were to your blankie! It was a sad day when it was lost. Such a sweet picture of her--and I think that's a great way to hold blankie! Love, Mimi