practice made perfect

Phil  has been drilling Sigrid on blowing out a candle in preparation for her birthday.
Every night at dinner.
And by "drilling," I mean that he would say, "Blow - watch Papa!"  And model the behavior.

I doubted them both.
Near-one-year-old's do NOT blow candles!  You can't teach them that!  They only want to touch the fire!

Oh, how wrong I was.

They sure showed me.


Jennifer Bardy said...

What an adorable rockstar! Well done Sigrid!!! So now the next question is - what are Phil's hourly rates???

Anonymous said...

She is so good at blowing out candles. Almost think she could blow out trick candles :)

Hilda said...

So very cute!! Can't wait to see her do it for her birthday party! Love, Mimi

Abigail said...

1. She was amazing. Luci still spits all over when she blows out flame. Sigrid is brilliant or Phil is a baby whisperer, or both.

2. I think I accidentally lied about that tupperware. In hindsight, it may be one that my mom-in-law had just passed along to us right before we brought the meal. I have no attachment to it whatsoever and am in the middle of decluttering our house, so do with it what you will! (I.e. I don't want the thing.) :)

3. Thank you for opening your beautiful home to everyone. You deserve a handwritten note of thanks for pitch-perfect hospitality. (Here's a tacky blog comment.) Love to you all!

Abigail said...

p.s. Another option:

Phil's an illusionist in secret, and Sigrid really can't blow out candles.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were the only ones training a pre-one in candle-blowing techniques! Clara did it, as did little Owen last year....but Elisabeth must have gotten lost in the shuffle (poor middle child!)
auntie Lilla