ONE year old

Yesterday was Sigrid's true birthday.
I gave her a baby doll, and took (way too many) photos to document her reaction.
Her sweet fondness melted my heart.

(She also got a baby from Mimi - I wish I had photos of that too.  She hugged it, clutching it to her chest, patting it over & over. So sweet!)

 Trying to kiss the baby through the plastic window:

 Early bonding with baby:
 Patting the baby:
 Inspecting the baby:

 In love with the baby:

(Sorry there were so many.  I just can't get over how her little face changed from moment to moment.)

Later in the day, we took a walk

After dinner, we sang & blew out candles again, while Skyping with Mimi.

She's a pro now!

Happy birthday, my sweet little love.


Hilda said...

Thank you for including me in Sigrid's "real" birthday celebration. It was sweet seeing her blow out the candle again. I can't believe how realistically she is holding the doll-like a real baby. Her expressions are priceless--don't you wonder what's going through her mind. Happy Birthday again, to my precious Sparrow--and many more wonderful years with your dear family. Love, Mimi

Melissa King said...

Can she be any cuter? i think not. :) i was always amazed at each one of my daughter's and how they treated/reacted to baby dolls. it is totally special...especially when you compare it to a little boy. ;)) Happy Birthday Sigrid!! You are so beautiful and quite a special little girl...it's fun to watch your mommy document your life in pictures, so this auntie mi can keep up. :) xo.

Abigail said...

She is so sweet and nuturing. Zeke likes to cuddle with Luci's baby doll, so I think I'll get him one for Christmas. Of course, he also likes to chew its nose and throw it out of his pack n' play, so maybe it's not the best idea. :)