First birthday party

Our little bird/bug/fish/gnome/(I-could-go-on&on...) celebrated her first birthday this weekend surrounded by a small crowd of family & beloved friends.  The small crowd felt bigger when the cold temperatures on Saturday encouraged everyone into the small cabin, but that was fine, too.  (I think there were some clown-car references, which seemed good for a party!)

I had WAY too much fun indulging in my Pinterest-inspired party ideas.  And Shara (party-thrower extraordinaire) showed up with party hats, blowers, BALOONS! and more for the kids. And Phil made a fire outside.

I think Sigrid liked being around all the kids, bearded papas, being outside, and blowing candles.  And the books, toys, and wrapping paper with cats on it.

 Mimi's carrot cake cupcakes transformed to a very hungry caterpillar

Guess the number of M&M's in the big jar!  It was 1,550 - Marney was off  by only fourteen.
(And yes, I counted them.  The night before, while Mimi was making four dozen cupcakes.)

Birthday girl enjoying a pre-party cucumber

Party hat!

 Crowded cabin/clown-car!

birthday wishes...

time for presents

She loves this cat gift-bag with a fierce intensity.

So thankful to all who helped celebrate our Sigrid's first year!


Anonymous said...

Awwww.....looks like such fun!! Nothing like a first birthday party :-)
xo auntie lilla

Anonymous said...

I love these! And I love the little cabin! I must check the archives for pictures. I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I will be back!!

Elsa :)

Jennifer Bardy said...

LOVE IT! What a perfect day - we are so sad that we could not be there on the actual day but I am so glad that we were able to get close. Miss you three lots!


Abigail said...

We were so happy to celebrate your little love! Thanks for including us and being a gracious, laid-back hostess (and for such yummy food!).