at least we tried... right?

Saturday evening, Sigrid had a fever.  Seemed mild enough, so we still headed out Sunday morning for our planned adventure.  We have been planning this adventure for at least a year - the return to St. Regis canoe wilderness for four days of camping.

Phil built a snazzy canoe-trailer from an old jogging stroller someone dumped.

But the sick baby didn't get better.

Phil drove us the 4 1/2 hours, then paddled us and all our gear across Little Clear pond.
Sigrid wouldn't let me put her down.

It was as beautiful as I remembered.
We saw loons, and Sigrid loved the gulls & cormorants we saw up close.

 But she was still wilty.

Upon landing, Phil wrestled all our gear and the canoe to prepare for the 1 1/2 mile carry.  I still could not put Sigrid down, and she was not herself.  And there was still a mile and another lake to go.

So.  A hard decision.

Paddle back.

He's my hero.

We camped that night at a drive-up campsite on Fish Pond.
It was lovely - right on the water.  There was even a coffee trailer that came by all the sites in the morning, jingling bells & selling hot caffeinated beverages to the weary campers.
Could this be paradise?

Feeding ducks cheerios that morning was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Another hard decision, but we ended the trip early and went home.  More driving, more fussy baby.
It's hard to feel good about any decision when it seems like everything is going wrong.
But now we're home, and Sigrid is doing better, and that feels good.

Until we meet again, St. Regis.  We left a bit of our hearts back there.


Anonymous said...

I love you three very much. THANK YOU so much for posting these photos. In many ways, I felt like I was there, seeing such loved and welcome territory and faces. p-dog

Abigail said...

My heart hurt for you guys reading this post. So sad. Returning wistfully is better than staying and second-guessing yourselves the whole time, though. Another year, Lord willing, you'll show her its beauties when she's able to enjoy them.

I love those last pictures of Phil&Sig feeding ducks. He's a good man.