to document fancy dresses & sweet friends

We have had visitors galore, and weddings & travel galore.
This delightful barrage has left little time for blogging.
So here is a smattering of photos to document the gussied up versions of ourselves, and give a brief nod to fun days with friends.

 A Luna moth stayed for 2 days while Wil & Tasha & Revel were here.
 Team Stripey Pants

 Blurry but beautiful Holly bride.

 Sigrid with her great-grandfather, Pop-pop.

 Father's Day
 Phil with Jamie & Michael's gift - a bird-house full of kisses and Finger Lakes silly wine!

Sigrid's first visit to Harvest View, and her first time meeting horses!  It was so good to be able to introduce her to my family there.


Abigail said...

Woohoooo! How wonderful! I know firsthand how fabulous it is to experience the surprise of going from point and shoot to Fancy Camera. It will make snapshotting so much easier. And fun! And beautiful!

I love all of these pictures, but the one of Sunbonnet Sigrid in her party dress takes the cake.

Hoping to crash your party this weekend! :)

Sandy said...

O my bonnet. Big time hearts.

Jessica Alba said...

All the images are looking so beautiful because of cool fancy dresses, thanks for the sharing.