Greenwood on the 4th

Sigrid's first 4th was also spent at Greenwood.  It was also her first time swimming in anything bigger than a tub, sink, creek, or kiddie pool.

We also celebrated my birthday. (My mom was here, too, which was all kinds of wonderful.)


My handsome hubs

... was very excited about his snorkel

... and sadly found out later that snorkels are NOT allowed in the Greenwood Park swimming area.
Drowning hazard.
Someone might put water down your snorkel & you'd breathe it in (because of course your choking reflex is dulled when you're wearing a snorkel, right?), and then you'd die and sue the park, I suppose.

What kind of parents make their poor child wear a bonnet in the water?!?

Sorry, darlin', these kinds.

It didn't dampen her spirits too much.
(She also loved the sand.)

Sweetly tuckered out.
What a good day.


Hilda said...

We had so much fun. It was a great day.

Abigail said...

"And then you'd die and sue the park..."

Don't mock! It all sounds so reasonable. ;)

In case I didn't gush (oh, wait, I did), we loved seeing you all. And that sunbonnet? Yes, yes, yes-- a thousand times, yes.

heidiann(e) said...

And WE loved seeing YOU (all)!

I love that my girl's childhood splashing pond was YOUR childhood sneaking-in pond.

And you should know that there now hangs a small pirate pendant and a pink folding knife from our car rear-view mirror. We keep forgetting to return them.

Abigail said...

We keep forgetting to pick them up. Someday.