10 months old!

These are photos from yesterday, the official ten-month-old birthday.

 I love how sometimes she wrinkles her nose when she smiles really big.
We like to play a game of "[insert toy name here] on your head!" and she pulls it off.  Here she started it herself by trying the ring on her head.
 Big smile!  Look you can see teeth!
Sigrid, where's your tongue?
Oh, yes, there it is.

Me and my little bug.


Hilda said...

Happy 10th month birthday, little Sparrow! You are more adorable every day. Love from your Mimi.

Sandy said...

That one with the tongue.... killing me right now! And with her mama? GORGEOUS. Love you both! xo

Abigail said...

Happy day to all! I love you two, together. Ten months have flown by, my goodness.