we are all safe & well.

We are all safe & well.

But here's a story to tell.  I'll try to be brief.

Last weekend we drove to Lancaster to caravan with the Kings to Keezletown, Virginia, for the wedding of some dear friends.  As we were driving along in the hot VA sunshine, Phil noticed smoke coming from the back of our new Subaru.  We pulled over, and the King fellas dropped low to inspect the back of the car.  Phil shouted, "There's flames!  Get away from the car!"

At this point I had already unbuckled Sigrid from her car-seat, so I took off with her, running up the road, all the while praying, over & over, "Jesus, protect us."

I waited at a distance in the King's car while the men tried to put out the fire.  The first passer-by who stopped called 911, and told Phil the car wouldn't explode (they were designed this way) until it got really hot (because otherwise ever car accident would result in an explosion) , so then they started emptying the car as fast as they could.

Phil also tried moving the car twice, because the grass kept catching on fire.  The whole hillside was poison ivy, and if that caught, we'd all end up in the hospital if we breathed burning poison ivy.

The ambulance reached us first, and said their fire extinguisher wouldn't help.  Our car was lost.

By the time the fire trucks arrived, the flames had grown considerably.  They soaked it in foam first, then doused it with the big hoses.

I'm attaching the following videos Phil, Stanley, and George took.  However, if you are easily disturbed by car accident footage or fires, please skip them.  I post them because they remind me of all I am so grateful for.

I am grateful we are all safe - no injuries whatsoever.  I am grateful we were carpooling with the Kings.  I am grateful we got Sigrid's carseat out - all that was lost was Phil's laptop, the cell phone, and the Kindle e-reader.  I am grateful Phil noticed the smoke as soon as he did.  I am grateful the hillside didn't catch on fire.  I am grateful no other cars were involved.  I am grateful for the people who stopped to help & called 911.

I am grateful we still made it to see Adam & Sarah take their vows to love each other forever.

I am grateful to be married to a man who can laugh in just about any situation.

I am grateful for trained emergency responders, firetrucks, and fire hoses.

And again, I am grateful we are all safe.

And I am grateful that we had a good insurance policy.  Once all the paperwork is done, it looks like we'll be able to replace this car.
God is good.


Abigail said...

We are grateful beyond words for God's protection of you three! What a sobering and scary thing it is just to watch,even with the knowledge that you're all safe, let alone experience.

You travel under the Mercy.

(I have to tack on a comment that listening to Phil laugh and say, "It had leather seeeeats!" as flames shot out the car windows made me even more glad to know him.)

Sandy said...

O my GOODNESS, Heidi! Praising God you are safe and sound with babe and love and all. I'm thankful for all the things you were. God is a protector (and often gives us good stories to tell, just to spread the word, I think!!) Love you all so much!!

Melissa King said...

oh.my.word. oh.my.word. xxoo.