Adam & Sarah in Keezletown

As I mention below, we made it to the wedding.
We were an hour late, but since they served drinks and appetizers first, they started the ceremony after we arrived.

It was beautiful, full of holiness and the real dirt of life.
I love these two, and am so happy they love each other.

The family is very musical (Willie led the hymn at our wedding), and the ceremony & reception was full of music and harmony.
I loved it.

We arrived at the wedding tumbling out of the Kings' car like it was a clown car, and quickly changed clothes in the parking lot.  Sigrid was the only one who didn't get to change into wedding fanciness.  But I think she looks cute anyway.

It doesn't take much for this one.  And don't you love her plastic plate accessory?  And those sleep-deprived eyes, from missing all her daily naps?

The vows.

Sigrid & Lucas were trying to out-cool each other with their moves.  However, Lucas can do somersaults, so he won.  Then he tried to kiss Sigrid while she crawled away.

We were gifted a night at the B&B where the wedding was (another thing I am so grateful for!). The room had this sky-lit reading nook, and I loved it.
I wonder if we could add one of these to the cabin someday?


Abigail said...

This looks like a beautiful wedding, and just the sort of simple aesthetic I imagine when well-meaning but ignorant people snort at us and say, "But HOW on EARTH are you going to afford FIVE weddings?!" Beauty and joy don't need glitz and glamor.

Abigail said...

Also, that reading nook is perfection!

heidiann(e) said...

YES, Abigail! And the bride's mom made her dress (actually, made two, so she could have her pick!), and it totally reminded me of you - it had such a pretty, vintage look to it.

Those things hanging from the ceremony tree are paper mache, also home-made.

And instead of cake? They served donuts!!! The maple & bacon glazed was by far my favorite. (Oh, salivating still!)

So, yes, 5 (or more!) will be joyous. And please let me know how i can help - I love wedding crafts. I'll be there even if my car burns on the way.

Abigail said...


Oooh, these folks know how to do things right.

I will happily take you up on your offer in the VERY FAR DISTANT future, but not if your car burns on the way. That is not acceptable. :) (Have you looked into horse and buggy transport?)